We meet Tom and had a quick chat before going in for dinner which was amazing and we got birthday messages on our puds!

After dinner we got to see the kitchen and meet this guy Nick who is the head chef and talked bowls and boards with him, nice guy.

Had our first lie in for months, still up at half eight but that felt like ages! And had my first day off for ages, actually did no work which hasn't happened for months, spent the day at The Cotswold Wildlife Centre which was fab, beautiful grounds and loads of animals.


They have this amazing giraffe house which you walk above the height of the giraffes so you get really close, close enough to touch if you were allowed!

And then home, straight back to work, set up the stand so could pack what is needed for The Bake Off at Brompton Cookery School, outside Shrewsbury with Marcus Bean.. 


Off for a lie down! Stroll on tomorrow!