If you like following blogs take a look at mine at :

http://sytchfarmstudios.blogspot.co.uk  - copy and paste this to your search engine, I know this is tech savvy behaviour but I'm still learning!

We're going to do a lot of work on the web site and get changes made to update this page.

My original blog has been running for a year and a half. I started it for me really to record what was going on, shows the whole development of our business and the path we've taken. It really goes back to the start, some of the products I still make, some only to order, you can see the changes over time.

I post reguarly on there as it's where I started, a work diary really.

You can also follow us on twitter @sytchfarm and facebook/sytchfarm and even instragram as sytchfarm too! Diffferent people like different ways of contecting, I like the interaction. And apologises again, I know I should be linking this all up, I'll ask some tecky friends.