Can I place a special order?

Comissioned orders accepted over £200.00. We love to be able to give you exactly what you want, choose your glaze and product shape and size. 

Gill can throw all elements of domestic tableware.

Jon can create boards in all manner of shapes and sizes, select your prefered type of wood from what he has avaiable in your prefered style of board.

Phone to enquire on your preferences, time scale and prices.

Where does your timber come from?

Always from the UK and if at all possible from Shropshire. We know many local landowners and choose trees which are responsibly felled from managed woodland.

Will my board stay flat?

Wood is a natural product. It has cells like any organic matter and was once a living thing. All woods expand and contract, they absorb moisture or dry out. Its all to do with the atmoshere around them. Central heating, direct sunlight etc. In truth all wooden boards whether a single solid piece of wood or made of blocks will move to some extent. If your board is left in the sun for example, it will curl. Ask any chef and they will tell you to always lay a tea towel under your board when chopping. This takes care of any little inconsistencies and stops your board sliding around.

How do I care for my boards and bowls?

We treat all our wood products with cold pressed linseed oil to make it nice and durable. If your boards become dull and dry give them a rub over with a drop of linseed oil or an alternative is rape seed oil to revive them.  All ceramic products (aside from the decorative heart range) can go in the dishwasher as they are made from very strong stoneware clay.

How do I clean my Boards?

Think of your board like a kitchen worktop, wipe it clean where possible rather than wash it. If you have to wash it give it a quick dip in warm soapy water and dry it immediately. To sanitize your board a good way is to rub with half a lemon sprinkled with salt, this will kill bacteria and smell lovely,  dont leave them soaking in water or put them in the dishwasher. 

The product I received is slightly different from the image in your shop.

Everything ceramic is hand made or hand thrown and will always have its own unique quality. The board sizes are approximate, Jon uses rough sawn waney edged planks often with the bark still on, so the plank tends to direct the shape of each board.

Where do you ship?

Postage rates are for UK mainland, we can and do ship world wide. We aim to post out within two days.

Are your products guaranteed?

In a word no, but if you have looked after it properly and you aren't happy with it for any reason we will try to sort it out. 

Do you have your own store?

No, but you can come the studio and see what's in stock,  please call beforehand to avoid a wasted journey.