Hardwood boards

Hardwood boards

Hardwood serving and chopping boards made from native hardwoods, most of which are sourced local to our workshops here in South Shropshire.

All are individually made.

The one you see in the shop will be the very board you receive.

All our boards are made from a single solid piece of wood. Jon works with the Japanese 'wabi sabi' influence in mind. That is, every piece of wood has its own story, patina, blemishes and quirks. A natural living thing, it is the tree that dictates the outcome not us.

Please take the following into consideration: Over time there is a possiblity that all wooden boards may twist or curl a little - whether its one of ours or a different maker. They respond to the enviroment around them and modern houses with central heating can create a very dry atmosphere.  It's worth noting that all professional chef's place tea towles order their boards to ensure no slippig or rocking.

Our usual woods include Oak, Ash, Elm, Walnut and Plane Tree.

Others such as Apple, Pear and Cherry sometimes make an appearance.

It just depends what we have been able to source locally, usually wind falls or condemned trees.