Gill makes her pottery on the wheel using Cornish stoneware clay. We source it directly from the clay pit in St Agnes. This is where she grew up and first started to play with clay whilst at St Agnes Primary School. It is a beautifully smooth white stoneware that makes good strong tableware and glazes beautifully.

All our glazes are food safe and all pieces are dishwasher safe. Many of the pieces shown below are the actual pieces that will be posted out - to find out if that is the case read the product description carefully.

Also included will be information on the 'shell' stamp which is a well known feature of our ceramics. Sometimes the 'shell' can appear cracked - this is purely a reflection of how dry the clay was when the stamp was made - a real reflection of a moment in time. We really like this effect but some folks prefer a full shell - look out for details on that too.

And finally these are all 100% hand made products and as such they will have slight differences, hopefully that is just one of the reasons of why you are a supporter of hand made products.