I'll be adding the Condiment Set above as time allows, seem to have full days and nights right now.
Below are the breakfast/soup bowls in the 'soft blue' and 'cornish ware' glazes. I particularly like these bowls. I like throwing them and eating from them, the depth is bang on for me but I know everyone has their own idea.



 I'm finalising in my mind how supplying chef's and catering businesses could work.

If you look back through previous posts you'll see I make bowls in all sorts of sizes, dipping bowls, tapas, breakfast, vegetable serving and large salad/fruit bowl.

I'm going to measure the sizes again and offer businesses the opportunity to select the sizes they want in the clay and glaze finishes they prefer, this is exactly how Tom Kerridge orders and it makes sense.

They can then choose the clay body, buff, white or black and the internal glaze finish, soft white, shiny white, clear, blue, gloss brown etc. There's also the possibility to make specific shapes etc.

It's an idea that's brewing but when I meet my next Chef I'm going to talk it through more, but it's all possible,  I will have to have a minimum order number of bowls in any given clay, ten say, as the wheel will need cleaning each time I change clay but it gives everybody loads of options.

There's also the idea of small tokens when the meal is finished, like the smallest version of these Christmas hearts. There was a restaurant near us that used to give the ladies little presents at certain times of the year, Xmas, Mother's Day, Valentines etc and it was a great personal touch. I could make the small tokens for the same idea.

Any other ideas anyone?
 My Jon's been using one of the ammonite tokens as a key ring, maybe that could be a Father's Day present?
I've got the first half of Tom's order done and the second half is biscuit firing tonight but I'll either post that or take it down in a few weeks.