The steel in the blade is from the leaf spring off my 1959 series II Landrover, so its not your typical modern steel alloy or stainless steel so most importantly if left in a wet environment it will pick up surface rust. Not unlike an old Sabatier or some current artisan chefs knives. So please wipe it down with a hot cloth or if necessary wash in soapy water and dry immediately. The wood for the handle is spalted elm it has been stabilised then polished. Apply a little rapeseed oil or linseed oil to the blade and handle from time to time especially if not in regular use. Do not put your knife through the dishwasher as this will damage the handle and the blade. The blade has also picked up some lovely flashes of colour from the tempering process. Your knife can be sharpened on a stone if you wish and it will hold a very sharp edge but I think the edge I have set is more than sharp enough for cheese.

The Trethowan in Landy steel with spalted elm

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Named after the Trethowan family from Somerset, England. Where they make Pitchfork Cheddar and Gorwydd Caerphilly cheeses. Beautifully quintessential British Farmhouse cheese at its best. The Trethowan knife is well balance with a graceful curved shaped. This one is made from the leaf spring from my 1959 series II Landrover with a nicely figured spalted elm handle.

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