The steel in the blades is not your typical modern steel alloy or stainless steel so most importantly if left in a wet environment it will pick up surface rust. Not unlike an old Sabatier or current artisan chefs knives. So please wipe it down with a hot cloth or if necessary wash in soapy water and dry immediately. Apply a little cooking oil if not in regular use. You can choose the wood for your handle here but as a natural product it will obviously vary from the one in the image. I treat the handles with linseed oil, giving it a nice waterproof finish. It will benefit from a light re-application from time to time. Do not put your knife through the dishwasher as this will damage the handle and the blade. Your knife can be sharpened on a stone if you wish and it will hold a very sharp edge but I think the edge I have set is more than sharp enough for cheese.

The Series 2

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Using the original leaf springs from Jon's old 1959 series 2 Land Rover. This is incredibly tough resilient steel that holds a really good edge. Any of the standard designs that we make can be produced using this steel for as long as it lasts, and matched with a handle of your choice.

Your knife will be made to order for you so please expect up to 2 weeks for delivery. The last five images show the choice of wood for the handles, hover over the thumbnail images for name.

Check the product description for more details.

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