Rustic Sweet Chestnut Chopping Board. 

Made from one solid piece of Sweet Chestnut. The reasons we like Sweet Chestnut, all hardwoods have naturally antibacterial qualities but Chestnut is particularly good. Its light in weight, these big chunky boards look great but its handy if you can move it around easier if your not a weight lifter. If you are big in to your quality chefs knives chestnut has just a nice amount of yield, your knives will stay sharper for longer. Ive left these with plenty of character, tool marks and details but plenty of useable prep space.

Measuring 51cm in length and 36cm at its widest part - 5cm thick

Both sides of this board can be used -- one could be kept cut free for presentation.

Rustic sweet Chestnut Chopping Board

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Product code: L20
Rustic Sweet Chestnut Chopping Board - see product description for more information.